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The StickMover is a training device that makes the executed control inputs of a flight figure noticeable. For this purpose, the sticks are actively driven on the SickMover. You look at a flight sequence on the monitor and the necessary stick movements are output on the StickMover. So you can feel exactly how you have to steer to fly the shown figure.

You can customize the mode you use, the speed of training and the expo of the sticks to suit your needs. We see the StickMover as a supplement to our hobby, which helps to find mistakes, to learn new characters and to have fun with it.


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Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von Vimeo.
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How does it work?

You are training a figure that you already know, but it is not quite “round” yet. Feel this figure with the StickMover and you’ll find that the StickMover slows you down a bit at some point or your fingers are led farther than you think. So you feel very easy, where you can improve something.

If you feel the character for the first time on the StickMover, you may feel that the sticks are “torn” out of your hand, because you do not know what’s coming! Here it makes sense to reduce the speed. With each repetition you will be able to control a little more and soon you can follow the control movements 1: 1 when playing the video. If you feel like you want to take part, this is the right time to go to the simulator and try what you have learned. The more you practice, the faster you will master the new figure.
The important thing is that you choose characters that match your flight level! If you just started the flight (beginner), you will not be able to learn an extremely complex character (3D pro) with the StickMover in 30 minutes. It makes more sense step by step to proceed and first fly a loop or something easy to find out, how it works.

You already know a certain figure very well, but you like the style of flight shown in StickMover better? Set the speed down a little,  look and feel exactly where things are controlled in a different way  and try to adapt the behavior.

Another application is the use of StickMovers in combination with a simulator. Here you can directly operate as  teacher / student in front of the simulator or over the Internet.
Thus, e.g. the teacher using the normal remote control and the student using the StickMover feeling what the teacher controls. The explanatory words of the teacher complete the whole. After that, the roles can be swapped and the teacher can feel through the StickMover what the student controls, giving immediate feedback to the student.

The StickMover looks like a normal remote control, but instead of controlling an aircraft, the StickMover guides you step by step through a flying figure. As you track the flight on the screen, your fingers are actively moving in the right direction. By watching and feeling you learn so intuitively.

If you’re stuck with a figure, are looking for a mistake, or want to learn new characters faster, the StickMover is the right choice for you.

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What customers say about us

I just could not get a grip on the role circle. With the StickMover I could see where my problem lay. Great part, keep it up!

Peter M.

At the Tic-Tocs I’m always greasy. After a training session with the StickMover they now work without any problems and the peaks have been reduced by 20A. A really intuitive training method.

Thorsten R.

This is actually a good training kit. I had already since May. I’m a satisfied StickMover owner.

Alwin P.

I am using the StickMover for a month now ! It is a great product,…. but it feels a bit weird at first. For example piroflips… I was thinking this never was going to help… but I consequently used it for 5 min a day and only piroflip. Guess what… suddenly my piroflippung improved A LOT !!! Be patient … use it and you’ll see it works even if you think it don’t ???… it is kind of reverse brain training which is a totally new concept.

Kurt G.

Thanks for the great insight into your system.
I think it’s really great!
Make good progress with it.


Thank you guys so much for the StickMover.
I used it last night for the first time, it was awesome!

Frank M, Your Content Goes Here

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