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Where can I buy one?

Please visit our official StickMover Shop. You will find it under: www.StickMover-Shop.de

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Feel the flight!

Learn to master acrobatic and 3D flying by watching and feeling artistic manoeuvers. See the moves on the screen and feel how the control sticks are moving simultaneously. StickMover guides you in learning the right moves intuitively.

StickMover enables you to learn moves for FPV racers. This skills will be recorded on simulators and also in free nature!
So you will be able to see and FEEL XY.FPV racing through the halls and parcours of the world.
We are very excited to bring a new possibility to this young and well growing sport.

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Learn how to fly!

As we want to open a path for you into the art of acrobatic and 3D flying step by step – or flight by flight – we offer a variety of 3D manoeuvres for the StickMover. We call them AVIskills. Once you are able to perform the basics you can choose between the Auto-Pushover, the Death Spiral or the Hurricane – or just pick whatever move you’ve always wanted to pull off.

Current AVIskills

44 Helicopter
38 Aeroplane
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Your software to learn!

As for the user interface, we tried hard to keep it simple and all focused on what we’re all about: flying, trying, taking off. For example, you can pick any part of a specific manoeuver, say: an inside loop or a hover. Now you can repeat that as often as you like at the speed that suits exactly your current ability. This way you can repeat the move until you master it. You can use StickMover with any Mac or Windows PC.