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AVISoft V2

New version V2.0.4

Download AVISoft V2 Mac
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AVISoft V1

Support of AVIsoft V1 ended at 12/31/2020.

System Requirements

Apple Mac OSX (Intel, 10.12 or higher)

Windows 10

CPU: 1.83GHz
Cache: 3 GB RAM
2 GB  Disk space HDD oder SSD
Graphical Prozessor mit 3D support and 256 MB RAM

CPU: 2.3GHz
Cache: 4 GB RAM
More than als 2 GB Diskspace HDD oder SSD
Graphical Prozessor mit 3D support and 512 MB RAM

CPU: 2.3GHz
Cache: 8 GB RAM
More than 2  GB Diskspace (HDD oder SSD)
Graphical Prozessor mit 3D support and 2048 MB RAM

Version history


New Grid to display the AVIskills

Fix of an error that occurred on some StickMovers during the calibration process.

When you first start the AVIsoft you will be guided by a Wizzard through the complete installation including the calibration of the StickMovers. Then all necessary settings are made and the start can be made.

Stick – middle position
The center position of the sticks can now be set via the “Calibration” menu in the Settings. So every user can adapt the StickMover to his needs and choose his own middle position.

Shorter loading time when starting the application
The time to review the videos has been optimized. The program now starts much faster.

New languages
AVIsoft is now available in the following languages:
• German
• English
• Chinese
• Italian
In the settings you can choose between the languages.

Error changing the training setting name has been fixed.

  • Jerkiness at 25% and 50% has been fixed
  • Improved COM port detection
  • Changes in the language file for EN
  • Fix with repetitions
  • Save the password at program start


Change of the password

Output to the StickMover under mac OS 10.13 improved.

Full support of macOS 10.14
Dialog for the loading processes
Support of the languages German, English, Italian, Chinese.


Quick Start Guide


Our support offers different possibilities.

  • You can create a ticket (below button)
  • You can write us an email (see contact form below)
  • or you can use the online chat (right side of the screen)
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Can I change the velocity of my training2017-02-14T11:51:07+00:00

Yes, within the software you can create your own flight training by setting the speed oft he video and also the number of repetitions.

What modes are supported?2017-02-14T11:50:40+00:00

We support all four modes! The modes can be changed in the settings.

Is there a setup for the intensity of the sticks?2017-02-14T11:46:49+00:00

Yes, you can choose the expo value for each function. So the peak of a stick can be adjusted to for needs.

Is the StickMover a RC flight simulator?2017-02-14T11:46:05+00:00

Out on the market there are a lot of RC flight simulators. But with all this simulators you can only practice maneuvers, you already know or you can try to fly new maneuvers.
StickMover is a tool that can show you how to fly maneuvers by just guiding your hands. So the StickMover is the step before a flight simulator.

Can I use my own control sticks2017-02-14T11:47:18+00:00

Of course, we use 4mm standard sticks, so you can use any sticks out there on the market.

What skill level do I need to use the StickMover?2017-02-14T11:47:49+00:00

You should have basic knowledge about your model. So if you feel save in starting and landing your model and you have no problems doing a „round“ flight.

It is time for a StickMover.