AVISoft V 2.0

show offer What is new? Setup Wizard An assistant guides you through the complete setup process and will do the configuration of the StickMovers together with you. Fast start of the software The videos are not loaded until they are needed. This guarantees a [...]

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Using StickMover with REFLEX XTR²

The StickMover is now also supported by the RC simulator REFLEX XTR² from version 6.02! So the StickMover can be used for direct teacher / student operation in front of the simulator or over the Internet. The teacher can use the normal remote control and the student can feel through the StickMover what the teacher [...]

2019-10-17T09:18:55+00:00October 14th, 2019|

New windows version!

After the successful completion of the beta test, a new version is now available for Windows (Mac will follow in a few days). New function? Wizzard When you first start the AVIsoft you will be guided by a Wizzard through the complete installation including the calibration of the StickMover. Then all necessary settings are made [...]

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FMT news

Here you will find a small teaser about us. Look at the new FMT 2.2017 on your newspaper kiosk or digital: LINK or as PDF

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